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Our Humble Beginnings..

Since a young age, many of the members of our board and team have been in love with every form of the arts, including: music, production, song-writing, and performing. 

With more than fifty years of collective experience and involvement in various facets of the entertainment business, GLE is emerging into a multi-media arts and entertainment business with diverse interests.


Our Favorite Thing To Do..

At the end of the day, the work that we enjoy the most, is when the audience feels connected to our artistry, production or performances through one of our established or “new“ artists.

There's nothing worse than the creative genius of our team’s passionate efforts to impact the world, being greatly limited because we haven’t let the unimpeded expression of our artistry to be impactful, liberating and life-changing.


Our Company Today..

We’re all very blessed to be doing what we love as our profession. Our national and international work, allows us to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. 

We hope you’ll consider becoming a part of the GLOBAL Family!

If you’re interested in any facet of the entertainment business, and are seeking internship opportunities, CONTACT US!

If you’re “the talent”, and you are looking for a PRODUCER, MANAGEMENT COMPANY, MUSIC PUBLISHER, or RECORD LABEL, go to our CONTACT PAGE and leave us your info.

New Artists..

Walter L. Smith III (WS-3)


"Walter is an amazingly talented person, with years of industry experience behind the scenes. Go get his single, “Inhabits The Praise”, at your digital outlet!

Kesha Ealy


"Kesha is a hidden treasure soon to erupt on the gospel music scene after years of industry work; including her involvement with the original Kurt Carr Singers.  Kesha is featured on Walter’s new single release —  “Inhabits The Praise”..



"Inhabits The Praise" is a soulful and heartfelt message that demonstrates the commitment of “true disciples” to praise and honor Christ — no matter what’s going on in your life.  It’s received over 1650 radio spins during the past four weeks. 

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